Monday, October 20, 2008

Off with their heads Part Deux

Okay so uploading pictures to show on a blog is super difficult. SOOO...I created a movie of my pictures and you can check it out below.  It's super easy, just click on the link I created. 

If it doesn't work, just go to and create a log in. It's very easy and anybody can do it.  If I had a website, I'd say just go there, but I don't. So solly!

As an update, I am in Krakow, Poland right now and will be visiting Auschwitz tomorrow.  For the past week I have been traveling through Central Europe. I have visited Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; & now Krakow.  I will be returning to Paris on Wednesday.  Traveling in this part of Europe is relatively cheap compared to France.  You can get from Prague to Krakow (which is an 8 hour trip) for 29 Euros, approximately $38.  Not bad.  If you want to travel for just 3 hours in France on the TGV, you pay about 70 Euros, or $93.  And the food and drinks are super cheap.  Austria has been the only place that uses the Euro.  Thank goodness!

Anyway, when I get back to Paris and I've gotten enough sleep, I will definitely be updating this blog.  See you all soon...I hope!

A Bientot! 


Jenni D said...

I love Krakow! It was my favorite city from my travels. Auschwitz really makes you think doesn't it? Glad you were able to explore Eastern Europe, it is a cool part of the world. I'm off to Africa next week! We're so international! Hope you enjoy the rest of your travels!

Anonymous said...

okay so no pics, lame!!!!

Jason said...

seeing your pics, i see all the controversy with the koons pieces in the palace that they were talking about...pretty cool pieces but kinda out of place. i think i would like it, but im sure most dont. what were they made out of, glazed ceramic?