Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bloody Noses and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Good day my beautiful friends...or should I say happy end of the Thursday workday!  Oh la la as they say here in France!

My day is coming to an end as well and I'm not feeling as stressed as I was before.   I can tell because my pubescent acne is clearing up.  I can't believe I've had such skin problems.  That's not my point though. I just wanted to "touch base" with everyone (I always dislike it when people use that phrase, but whatever, it works here) to let you know about my goings and doings this week. 

I got back to Colmar on Tuesday with the family from Paris and things started out just as hectically as before.  I wonder if there has ever been any real order for this household. Probably not.  First things first! Bloody noses, I had no idea the climate in France was so dry.  I have had a bloody nose at least once a day for the past week.  I guess I need to go to the Pharmacy to purchase some Vaseline or something!  I tell you though, last week I bought fingernail clippers and dental floss for 12 Euros, or about $15.  That's the most expensive purchase I've ever mad for two items at a pharmacy.  C'est la vie I guess!  Thankfully I brought chapstick and my lips are still nice and smooth, NO flaking!  Too bad I've got nobody to make out with.  I'm sure I could chose any one of the hot French men that tend to ogle my cute blonde hair, but I think I'll stay away.  They can only mean one thing: Trouble!  And that's one thing I WILL stay away from. 

Now for Yu-Gi-Oh.  We have so many problems with petit Francois that I chose to hide the Yu-Gi-Oh cards today.  And voila! He hasn't asked for them, at all. He got his homework done in a timely manner, before nine.  Ate dinner, took a shower (after much prodding) and went to bed. Thank the good sweet Lord!  

So its 11:19 and I must be up in exactly 7 hours to take Francois to school.  Things could be worse I suppose, but I must try to keep a somewhat positive outlook.  A bientot!

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