Monday, September 29, 2008

Je suis a Paris

After a week in lovely Colmar, France, I am back in good old Paris enjoying the temperate climate.  On Sunday, September 21st, I arrived at my new home in Colmar.  The entire week was pretty miserable as it was super cold. I brought a winter coat with me, but didn't want to break it out quite yet as I don't want to get too used to it. So, I had to go out and buy a brand new lighter coat to keep the cold out.  Brrr!  The house where I'm staying has another girl to help with the household duties, although I don't think its entirely necessary.  Oh wait, I should say, I didn't think it could be entirely necessary.  We are watching a nine year old boy, that couldn't be too hard, right?  Absolutely wrong I am!  The boy is a nightmare.  I should probably add that the family is rich....let me back track and describe this family.

Les "Bourbons" as I will call them, are a married couple, but the wife lives in Paris.  Mr. Bourbon owns two houses (or apartments, people don't live in houses in Paris) one for himself and his travels to town and one for his wife.  The wife is a 31 year old Brazilian and has a petit-ami.  AKA a boyfriend.  She isn't allowed, or more like, she doesn't ever come to Colmar.  I don't think Dad minds, but there seems to be a continuous competition between Mom and Dad with pauvre Francois and the boy in return has become a spoiled Yu-Gi-Oh lovin' brat!  

So, back in Colmar, we, the au pairs, are at the beck and call of this little boy.  He doesn't pick up after himself and isn't forced to.  Doesn't do his homework alone, and isn't forced to.  There are many things this child doesn't have to do, including, wiping his ass.  I'm serious!  He knows how to do it, but if his father is around, he requests it to be done by him.  Ugh!  So because petit Francois gets away with murder.  And over the course of one week, I have had CDs thrown at me when I told the boy HE MUST do his homework and a book thrown at me the very next day for telling him HE MUST get out of bed to go to school. 

Needless to say, I don't like the job.  The other girl doesn't either, but because she is Belarussian and wants desperately to get her legal working papers, she will put up with it. The question for me is, do I want to put up with it?  I could care less about being a legal French worker.  I'm an American with two degrees, I can work wherever.  I know the economy is bad right now, but I'm not too worried about finding work.  So the question is this: Do I stay and endure this horrific situation, or do I pack up and leave.  If I stick with the former, I don't spend much of my own money. Lovely, I don't like to spend money anyway.  The latter: I wouldn't come home right away, I would travel to Eastern Europe for a few weeks and then come home.  What a predicament huh? The Eastern Europe option is looking pretty good because it isn't high season anymore and its cheaper over there.  France is not cheap. As much as I'd love to travel around this country because I speak the language better, it is not financially feasible. I'm going to stick it out for at least a month and then we'll see.  

For now, I will enjoy Paris. Check out this picture of what is outside the window where I'm staying.  That's right! Le Tour Eiffel!  I guess I should mention that I'm staying with my boss from Hy-Vee's nephew.  He's an interesting individual and he thinks he's French now because he's lived here for 3 years now.  C'est la vie I guess!

A bientot mes amis...til next time!


Kanga said...

Wow, that's a slice of life. Keep up the posts.

Andy in Raytown.

revcrystalk said...

a rockstar pirate stuck in Paris with a twirp of a kid. the kid part sucks! make him walk the plank--argh!

you might be suprised by the changes you will see within a month if you stand up to him.

many blessings! peace out chica!